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Clark's anemonefish - a spectacularly colorful fish of blue Ocean.

The beautiful Clark's Anemonefish
The Clark's anemonefish or banded Clownfish is perhaps one of the most durable and enjoyable of the clown fish species. Clark's anemonefish or the Yellowtail clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii) is a widely distributed clownfish. The Clark's Clownfish is also known as, Yellowtail clownfish, The Banded Clownfish or Clarki Clownfish.

Yellow Clark's Anemonefish
Yellow Clark's Anemonefish
Clark's Anemonefish is variable in color. This small sea fish is a spectacularly colorful fish, with vivid black, white and yellow stripes, though the exact pattern shows considerable geographical variation. It has two white bands - one behind the eye and one above the anus. It usually has a third bar at the tail base. The tail fin is white, or yellowish, but is always lighter than rest of the body. Maximum length is 14 to 15cm.

Clarke's Anemonefish are a popular aquarium species and readily available, reasonably priced, and easily kept in the home aquarium. They are omnivorous, and in the aquarium will readily eat brine shrimp. They regularly host many sea anemones in the home aquarium.
A beautiful sea fish
A beautiful Clark's Anemonefish

The Clark's Anemonefish are found everywhere in the world especially in tropical waters, in lagoons and on outer reef slopes, from the Persian Gulf to Western Australia and throughout the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean as far as Melanesia and Micronesia, and as far north as Taiwan, southern Japan and the Ryukyu Islands.
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