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Blonde Naso tang - a very personable pet aquarium fish.

a very personable pet aquarium fish.
The Blonde Naso tang, also known as the Elegant Tang , Naso lituratus, Clown tang, Redlip surgeonfish, Orange spine surgeonfish, Orangespine unicornfish, Barcheek unicornfish, Masked unicornfish, Poll unicornfish, Orange-spine unicornfish, Orangespine unicornfish, Pacific orangespine unicornfish, Striped unicornfish etc. The tang is from Acanthuridae family. It is a very personable pet fish. The fish is very much famous to the aquarium lovers and once it is comfortable it can even be trained to accept foods from its keeper's hand.

a very personable pet fish.
A beautiful Blonde Naso tang
At the maturity, the largest scientifically measured Naso tang was 46.0 cm /18 in. At the time of juvenile, the body is of a grayish brown shade and a prominent yellow line runs from the back of the mouth up to the eye. At maturity, the body takes on a darker bluish-gray tone and the juvenile striping is supplemented with additional color. The tail takes on a lyre shape and two yellow patches appear at the peduncle spines near the tail. A thin, black mask forms between the eyes and mouth, and the lips develop a yellow color.

Blonde Naso tang, Elegant Tang , Naso lituratus
A fantastic Naso lituratus
It is found among corals, rocks and rubble in lagoons and seaward reefs. The depth range for this amazingly beautiful sea species is about 0-90 meters / 0-295 feet. Juveniles prefer shallow rocky reefs and will sometimes form small aggregations together with other similarly sized members of the family Ancanthurus but the adults typically live in small groups and sometimes large aggregations also occur.  

Origin is from Maldives but the Naso lituratus is also found in the western and central Pacific Ocean, from Honshu in Japan to New Caledonia and Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Eastwards, its range proceeds to Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Pitcairn. 
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