Wednesday, January 9

Blue-Banded Goby - a peaceful sea creature.

A peaceful sea creature.
With a bright orange-red body and three - nine electric blue vertical stripes, the blue-banded goby seems to glow with the fluorescence of a neon light.  This peaceful little sea creature (Lythrypnus dalli) is also called the Catalina goby. It is from the family Gobiidae, a group of small fish with an estimated 2,000 species occurring worldwide in both fresh and saltwater environments.

Blue-banded gobies can often be seen hanging upside down in underwater caves at depths of 20 to several hundred feet. Blue-banded gobies are beautiful and very colorful fish. They are mostly red with blue bands near their head region. The number of bands varies with each fish. It is a small fish which are reach an adult size of only 2-2.5 inches (6-6.5 cm) in length. It is a short-lived fish and may live for up to 18 months only.

A beautiful sea creature.
Blue Banded Goby
They live in small groups with a single male and multiple females. If the male leaves or dies, the largest female changes sex. The attractive crevice dweller rarely ventures far from its rocky habitat, darting in and they are out of holes only to capture small plank tonic food, attract a mate or vigorously defend its nest using its brilliant colors to remind intruders of its strong defensive instincts. 

This angelic little sea fish are found in the Eastern Pacific and off the coast of California
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