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The only transparent living sea creature of the World.

The only transparent living sea creature of the World

Glass Catfish is different from any other typical fish that we have seen, in the sense that we can actually see through to their internal body. It is also known as Indian Ghosts, Ghost Fish, or Glass Cats.

The glass catfish is from the genus of Kryptopterus and one of the most unusual fish commonly kept in the hobby, and it is certainly the most transparent living sea creature. The fish was included its smaller relative the ghost catfish but now its known as K. minor. It is a unique transparent fish that offers fish-keepers an incomparable view of its whole internal organs. The fish is like a living skeleton whose organs, including its swim bladder and vertebral column are also visible.

very peaceful and a great community fish
As a true schooling fish the Glass Cats should be kept in groups of five or more to stay healthy and happy in order to survive and thrive. If the fish are not kept in the aquarium in groups, they will often go into a state of stress, stop eating and waste away. The Ghost / Glass Catfish do not like a lot of light and is most active during dawn and dusk. Its loves a low light condition and that’s why it will usually hide from the light. However, they will come into the open and swim around in darkness. The fish should be kept in aquariums with plenty of rocky coves and hiding places, as well as dense, live vegetation. 

Glass Catfish Factoids
Sumatra, Java, Borneo region
Max. Size
15 cm (5.9 in)
Care Level
Keep them in clean water
Water Conditions
75-80° F, KH 8-12, pH 6.5-7.0
Small worms, brine shrimp, flake foods
Tend to gather around plants

They are very peaceful and a great community fish that will give their caretakers hours of enjoyment and it is the only fish of the whole World that, you can see right through them!
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