Wednesday, May 22

Trumpetfish or yellow Trumpetfish.

A beautiful sea fish.
The trumpetfish was described and named by the father of taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus in 1766.  It’s from the family of Trumpetfishes and species of Aulostomidae. Trumpetfish also known as Trumpet, Atlantic Trumpetfish, Caribbean Trumpetfish, Trumpeter and Painted Flutemouth

Trumpetfish.This reef dweller is easily recognized by its long body with upturned mouths that often swim vertically while trying to blend with vertical coral, like sea rods, sea pens, and pipe, tubular snout, and a barbel on its chin, though it can be brown, green, or yellow with pales stripes, bar, and spots. The length of the fish can be 80cm (approx). The fish can easily change its color. Their vertically swimming tactics helps them to blend in with surrounding sea fans, pipe sponges and sea whips, thereby hiding from predators.

The yellow Trumpetfish.They use stealth and camouflage to prey on smaller fish, and a typical tactic is to attack from above after remaining motionless in the water to imitate a piece of coral, stick or weed. Somewhere the Trumpetfishes are taken for the aquarium trade. Trumpetfish have the capability to rapidly expand their jaws into a circular gaping hole almost the diameter of their body when feeding. Till now the spawning habits of the trumpetfish are unknown, but in the region around Madeira, it is known that the females have mature eggs from March to June.
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